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Latest News

Shipping Date Change!!!

The shipping dates for the 2019 Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe has been changed from our normal Monday / Friday schedule. Per Young Brothers, our NEW shipping dates will be on TUESDAY 10/1/19 and on FRIDAY 10/4/2019 to ensure that the canoes will arrive on Molokai on time....

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Choose Shipping Dates


For the 2019 Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe, crews now have the option to choose the shipping date they prefer right off the system. 

From the payment page, you have "Option 1" asking if you require shipping from Oahu to Molokai? If you select "YES", th...

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Updated 2019 Molokai Hoe Race Rules

Our 2019 Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe Race Rules has been updated to include our Code of Ethics and Anti-Doping Regulation. Changes are annoated with the change bars in the right hand margin.

- HAMH Race Committee


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Anti-Doping Form

In an effort to conform with other international races, our 2019 Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe Races Rules have been modified to include an Anti-Doping regulation and accompanying form. Please refer to the updated Race Rules. The Anti-Doping crew form can also be submitted online through our regi...

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HCRA ID number can now be used as validation

HCRA paddlers, your HCRA ID numbers can now be used as validation as long as you filled out an HCRA Waiver for 2019. This means you won`t have to fill out another HCRA Waiver to participate in the 2019 Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe. (Hands clapping in the background) Durin...

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In honor of a request from the Molokai community, this year`s Molokai Hoe has been postponed in favor of an O`ahu based World Championship race.

Additional information about the planned OHCRA World Championships and celebration of canoe racing will be forthcoming and we look forward to sharing these exciting details.
All comments and concerns can be directed to info@molokaihoe.com
Mahalo NUI!

O`ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association