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Anti-Doping Form

In an effort to conform with other international races, our 2019 Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe Races Rules have been modified to include an Anti-Doping regulation and accompanying form. Please refer to the updated Race Rules. The Anti-Doping crew form can also be submitted online through our registration portal. For a list of banned substances, please refer to the World Anti-Doping Agencys website. 

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OHCRA is proud to announce the unveiling of the Pae`aina Challenge, to be held from October 1 - 9, 2022 in concert with the Aloha Festivals, celebrating 70 years of canoe racing history. Events include festivities on and off the water, culminating in a canoe expo and a two-stage international distance race for men and women of all ages.

Follow @OHCRA or @PaeAinaChallenge on social media to keep up to date on details on the coming races.