About Our Race

Be Pono

Be Pono, You Are a Guest.

Respect your Host

For most of us we are visitors to the island of Moloka'i. This island has a special place in our history and we appreciate our hosts welcoming us each year. To keep the Aloha Spirit alive, as guests to this special island, please keep the following in mind.

No Excessive Fishing from Escort Boats

The Moloka'i Community has expressed concern over the amount of fish caught in the waters off Moloka'i by race escort boats. We are aware that you are not in control over the actions of your escort boats. Please discuss this matter with Boat Captains directly and ask that they be courteous to the local fisherman. Take only what you can eat and please be respectful to the concerns of our Moloka'i hosts.

What is Pono?

The word pono could be described as meaning to be respectful and to behave in a righteous manner. Click here for a more complete definition.


In honor of a request from the Molokai community, this year`s Molokai Hoe has been postponed in favor of an O`ahu based World Championship race.

Additional information about the planned OHCRA World Championships and celebration of canoe racing will be forthcoming and we look forward to sharing these exciting details.
All comments and concerns can be directed to info@molokaihoe.com
Mahalo NUI!

O`ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association